Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning


For each visit
For each visit
  • Dust table tops and counter tops
  • Vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms/toilets
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen
  • Clear trash
  • Making/changing of bed linen
  • Light ironing, up to 10 pieces
  • Overall appearance of the rooms left neat and tidy
  • Clean windows and grilles
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean exterior of air-con and filter
From $220 per session onwards.
Responsibility to oneself, to others and to societ
To be dependable , profes
sional, accountable and auditable
To be friendly and caring in all our dealings
Personal Enrichment
To encourage and develop creativity, innovation and mutual respect
These values formed the backbone of the Company and permeate through the fabric of our company culture.